Thorough understanding of materials, process & production.
Homes Eyewear

Using new & reclaimed materials to make fine, hand-crafted sunglasses, and other household wares.

3D Design

Sculptural, architectural, and product-based 3D modeling & design.

Digital Fabrication

Design, file prep, and rapid prototyping through use of CNC routing, laser, and 3D printing.

Digital Illustration

For graphic and technical purposes.


Traditional carpentry skill set to achieve the results you need.


CNC machinery, cutting tools, jigs, presses, and fixtures.


Fine remote LED lightboxes made from acrylic and oak.


Custom interior / exterior signage and installation.


Graphic & technical production; content creation; copy editing and community management.

About Supply District

The work and experimenting has been done, and we understand what your business needs.
Blending hand craftsmanship and machine precision to give your concepts and ideas a life of quality.

Founded in 2012, Supply District, the name self-assigned to maker and designer Achille Bianchi, has been designing, prototyping, and producing boutique-style products for a number of clients both local and nationwide . From graphic, 2d, and 3d design, to production and process planning, and consultations, Supply District has you covered.

  • Digital Fabrication

    CNC routing, 3d Printing and Laser cutting made easy.

  • 2D & 3D design

    Specializing in Rhino3d, AutoCad, and Creative Suite CC

  • Supply Chain Management

    Need materials or specialized services? You're covered. WIthin our large network of suppliers & services, you won't fall short implementing your idea.

  • Production & Process Design

    Not sure where to begin? We'll make sure you start in the right direction, and stay on course.


Sometimes, we just gotta have some fun.
Electronic Tube
Atari-Punk Console Synthesizer
This synthesizer was made during a 2010 OMNICORPDETROIT circuit-bending workshop. It uses an AtMega128 programmable microchip capable of producing square waves, which give an assaulting, but intriguing sound. Able to modulate both frequency and amplitude, using 1k and 10k pots.
Action Figurines
MDF / 3-Color LaserJet Action Figures
1:15 Scale MDF / 3-color laser jet of my friends, mountable with two neodymium magnets. Why? Because – why not?
Flattering Illustrations
On a life-long journey to make many flattering illustrations of my friends.
X-type LEDs, 2032 energy cell, neodymium magnets – tape, and throw!
These Throwie Kits are an ongoing project, and make an awesome, vibrant party favor. Just wrap the magnet, LED, and battery together with tape, watch it light up, and throw to any ferrous surface!
DIY Laser Tag
OMNICORPDETROIT-developed laser tag shield for Arduino.
Because stamps are fun.
Collage is probably what led to the action figurines.


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